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Established in 2020, AMADEUS PROVIDES LTD offers information technology services. The company offers services for the development of customized software solutions according to customer needs.
The company’s clients are diversified and are representatives of companies with various fields of activity, which need to increase the efficiency and effectiveness in their activity of integrating an ITC component.


The competitive advantage of the company is represented by the ability to offer complete services to its customers. The holistic approach is possible by combining the knowledge and experience of a diverse, multidisciplinary team from multiple and complementary fields of activity, so that, whether or not the company has the necessary knowledge, has a wide range of employees from where it can obtain shorter the required expertise so as to deliver the desired services to the client.


The success of our company, even if it is recently established, is given by the experience of its management. The company’s associates have a rich experience in the field of ICT, especially in programming, having a rich portfolio of implemented projects.

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